At first glance, the giant billboard ad in Victoria, Texas looks like a religious salute to President Obama. It reads, "Pray For Obama," with folded hands and a scripture from Psalms. Yet, at closer glance, the controversial advertisement and its scripture quoted below have alerted the Secret Service to a possible threat, as Psalms 109:8 reads, "Let his days be few, and let another take his office." Milton Neitsch, Jr., who has lived in Victoria, Texas since 1961, says that he did not intend for people to pick up on the hateful wishes of death and pain surrounding the tiny bible verse, but many in the community are saying that it is hateful and inappropriate.

Originally, Neitsch received an email from a friend and decided to post it on his advertising billboard along North Navarro Street. When asked by reporters what the sign meant, the elder gentleman responded, saying, "Exactly what it says. Hope he's gone soon and somebody different takes his place." Local reverend Amy Danchik started a petition demanding the sign be taken down. Neitsch has apparently agreed to replace the billboard. Even still, Neitsch says he is getting plenty of support. He said he might replace the sign with something like, "Vote for the American," which no doubt would stir up emotion, while leaving the word of God to the experts.