Who can forget that infamous season three finale of Basketball Wives? Jen’s boozy divorce party had her swatting a condom-filled piñata effigy of her soon-to-be-ex Eric; stabbing a cake that featured his bloody, beheaded likeness; and locking lips with a rebound Romeo. Later, a meeting between the estranged couple ended with him throwing a drink in her face. Desperate Housewives ran for eight seasons, and there have been more than 600 episodes of Real Housewives, if you count all the spinoffs. The buffet of marital melodrama was more than Fawn Weaver could stomach. “I couldn’t find myself in the images on TV. Wives were caricatures,” says Weaver, 37, who married her soul mate Keith, 42, 11 years ago. “There [was little] reflecting women who are actually happily married. That’s why I started the Happy Wives Club.”

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