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#theFword: A Campaign for Intimate Revolution

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Forgiveness is a hard conversation, especially for Black folks. It moves though spaces of pain, rage, of family, and ancestry and history; of love and loss and lies; abandonment, rejection and betrayal. Thus, I have created #theFword: An Intimate Revolution, an annual creative campaign designed to help us navigate that important space.

With this campaign, we walk together. It is global, it is digital, it is simple. We're using our Emotional Justice intimate public conversation space as the space where we can all meet and share. As the holiday season is when we send and receive cards, we're going to create and write cards of forgiveness to ourselves, to each other.  We've remixed "The 12 Days of Christmas" and  we're encouraging folks to write cards to themselves, to loved ones, to lost ones, to hurt ones, to ones who have hurt us. We can lean on each other's words, learn from them, be transformed by them, create action from them. Emotional Justice is process, a path, an action. Forgiveness need not feel like a curse word. Forgiveness is radical, it is intimate revolution. What would you forgive yourself for?


#theFword: an intimate revolution
 Monday, December 9th to Friday, December 20th

Decide who to write the "card"  to ( you don't have to name folk, you can use initials, nicknames, i.e  "Dear K.S."). It can even be to yourself!

Answer the following:

1.What do you forgive yourself for?

2. What would you ask forgiveness for?

3.From whom do you seek forgiveness and why?

4. Who do you forgive and why?

Sign the card as you choose (you don't have to use your real name).
You can write more than one card if you choose
Email it to:
We upload it to theSWAGspot Tumblr:

Follow us on Twitter: @estherarmah #theFword #emotionaljustice and connect with us on Facebook

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