Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders has surprised many pundits as of late (and, perhaps, the leadership of the Democratic Party), entering the 2016 primary and caucus season much closer to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the polls than some may have predicted. A self-defined “democratic socialist,” he has been touted as an alternative to what he has called Secretary Clinton’s “establishment”-approved approach. Here in a two-part video, Sen. Sanders speaks with EBONY Magazine’s Senior Editor Jamilah Lemieux on his candidacy and why he believes he deserves your vote.

In Part 1, Sen. Sanders talks about critics of his campaign, about the African American community’s relationship with the Democratic Party, differences between himself and Hillary Clinton, and wealth inequality.


In Part 2, Sen. Sanders addresses the rise of Donald Trump in politics, the threat of gun violence, the ironies of who is and is not called a “terrorist,” and racial attitudes in America.


Read the full interview with Sen. Bernie Sanders in the upcoming March issue of EBONY Magazine. Also, check out’s October 2015 interview with him.