Earlier today, Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) visited SiriusXM’s Studios in Washington, D.C., for an interview with SiriusXM Urban View host Joe Madison.

During the interview, the New Jersey senator told Madison the Iran briefing “was a sham ... this president having no strategy for the region, and doing foreign policy by impulse and tweet, has tumbled us into further instability, separated us from our allies, brought together our adversaries, and created an unstable region where people are on heightened tensions."

Booker went on to say he’d rather be in Iowa than judging an impeachment: "Having to be down in impeachment, No. 1, is bad for America, it’s sad for America and I wish this wasn't happening. And so I swore an oath to do my job ... but I would much rather be making my case to Iowans." The evidence against President Trump is “particularly damning ... [but] I will sit there with an open mind, evaluating the evidence put before me," he told Madison.

The Urban View host asked Booker if he wanted witnesses and documentation at the impeachment trial, to which the senator responded, “If you were a juror at a big trial, and they told you firsthand witnesses that saw what happened, material fact witnesses, are not there, you would be offended as a juror, like 'What the hell ... they're not at the trial,' that's insane; it makes no sense."

He added, "We have got to get back to understanding what the powers of a president are, which are not to initiate war. That lies with the Congress."

Listen the interview below, courtesy of SiriusXM's Joe Madison Show:


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