Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian may be pros in their respective professions, but the parents-to-be are not ashamed to ask for a bit of advice when it comes to children.

During an interview with TODAY, the Reddit co-founder revealed he’s been scouring the site for tips in preparation for the day he becomes a dad.

“My favorite [tip] is to sleep with a blanket for like a month before the due date so you get your dad scent all over it, and then wrap the baby in it once it shows up, so they’re not just immediately bonding with mom, but also getting a bit of dad,” Ohanian said.

The dad-to-be also noted a tip from fans about introducing pets to newborn babies.

“Same goes for pets, except the opposite,” the businessman shared. “Introduce them to the child using a blanket that’s been wrapped around the baby.”

In April, the 36-year-old Grand Slam champion announced that she is expecting by postingto her Snapchat profile a photo of her 20 weeks pregnant.

According to the Associated Press, the tennis star told Gale King at the TED2017 that she meant to keep the “20 weeks” photo private, but pushed the wrong button on SnapChat and shared it with the world.

Williams’ publicist later confirmed she was expecting—and that she was going to make it public soon—but still, she hadn’t planned on it just yet.

From the looks of things, the tennis pro is still on the court, with child and all!

You go, girl!