In April, tennis pro Serena Williams announced that she and her fiancé, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, were expecting.

And while neither parents-to-be never disclosed if they’re having a boy or a girl, Serena’s big sister was thought to have done so.

During an interview with Eurosport, the 36-year-old tennis pro said, “She’s going to call me her favorite aunt,” when asked what the baby will refer to her as.

But Serena took to Instagram to clear things up.

“I think the surprise of knowing what you are going to have on that very special day you give birth is prob the best surprise you can ever have! So To clarify what Venus said, I am always joking with my sisters to see what favors I can get them to do for me next. If I want something from one of my sisters I say baby Venus baby Lyn, or Baby Isha needs it,” Williams, 35 wrote. “I did not grow up with any brothers, only sisters and we all say “she” more than “he.”

Well, I guess we all have to wait and see what the lovely couple will be blessed with this fall.