First Simone Biles made us proud, and now Serena Williams is doing the same. Named one of the greatest athletes of all time, the superstar is heading in a new direction for 2017 — down the aisle!

Serena announced via the Internet that she accepted the proposal of 33-year-old Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit.

According to CNN, a spokesperson for Ohanian confirmed that he popped the question while the two were vacationing in Rome. Serena took to her beau’s site to make the special announcement official with a poem and an illustration.

“I came home / A little late / Someone had a bag packed for me

And a carriage awaited / Destination: Rome

To escort me to my very own “charming” / Back to where our stars first collided

And now it was full circle / At the same table we first met by chance

This time he made it not by chance / But by choice

Down on one knee / He said 4 words /And I said yes.”

Serena Williams Engagement
Photo via REDDIT

Williams and Ohanian, who have been dating since the fall of 2015, have mostly kept their romance out of the spotlight. Wishing these two the best! After all, one of the greatest athletes of our time, deserves her happiness.