Serena Williams may be with child, but that isn’t keeping her off of the court and/or out of the gym.

The all-star tennis pro is expected to give birth to her first child sometime this fall, and while many moms-to-be would choose to take it easy, Williams plans to workout til the very end.

“I intend to keep exercising for as long as possible while pregnant,” says the 35-year-old tennis champ in an interview with The Telegraph. “I want the baby to be healthy and for that you need a healthy life.”

But the baby isn’t the only reason why Williams is opting to move her body.

“Also, when I come back to tennis it’ll be better if I’ve kept as fit as possible all the way through the pregnancy rather than having to lose a lot of weight afterwards in order to get fit again,” adds Williams. “Eating healthily is a must, but being healthy is a lifestyle.”

What a fine example of prioritizing your health, even when you have the most valid excuse in the world to be a couch potato.