Serena Williams shook up the world last week when she announced she was having a baby. While we’ve always been in awe of the tennis champ, her status as the GOAT–greatest of all time–was cemented when we also learned she won the Australian Open while she was expecting.

When it comes to celebrity baby announcements, we’ve gotten used to grand gestures, complete with photoshoots, Instagram essays, and publicist-written odes. Just this year, Beyonce broke the internet when she informed the world she was pregnant with twins–a declaration that came with a gorgeous editorial fit for a fashion mag.

On the other hand, Ciara timed her baby bump announcement with her birthday and coupled it with a super cute picture of her husband, Russell Wilson.

Though it’s hard for high-profile women to keep their pregnancy under wraps for long–the world is watching, after all–Williams let hers slip by accident.

According to the Associated Press, the tennis star told Gale King at the TED2017 that she meant to keep the “20 weeks” photo private, but pushed the wrong button on SnapChat and shared it with the world.

Williams’ publicist later confirmed she was expecting–and that she was going to make it public soon–but still, she hadn’t planned on it just yet.

No biggie, though. While many have wondered if Williams will return to the court to continue her domination, the Grand Slam winner told King, “My baby is going to be in the stands, hopefully cheering for me and not crying too much.”

We believe it!