Tennis champ Serena Williams spoke about losing her sister Yetunde Price to gun violence during the first episode of new web series DiversiTea.

While speaking to 12-year-old activist and host Naomi Wadler about the effects of gun violence on Black women, Williams talked about her sister, who lost her life in 2003.

“I was affected personally by gun violence; my sister unfortunately passed from that,” the superstar athlete said in a preview of Friday’s episode. Price was shot and killed while sitting in an SUV in Compton, California, at the age of 31.

“People are talking about it now because it’s happening more widespread,” Williams observed, “but it’s been affecting our community for years.”

She went on to express the importance of discussing difficult issues, adding, “I think we need to get comfortable with having uncomfortable conversations. Situations are never really gonna get better if you always avoid it, you have to take it head-on.”

Check out the clip below.

DiversiTea will air every Friday on and on Ellen DeGeneres’s YouTube channel.