Every February finds lovers (and aspiring lovers) across the land searching for ways to make their boudoir experience just a little bit more sensual. In the words of Andre 3000, “everyday is the 14th!” So why save all the lovey love lovin’ for Valentine’s Day? Keep this list on deck today and beyond if you’re looking for a little enhancement to the daily bump and grind! 

Set the Mood:

Pure Romance’ Burning Desire Candle has a delicious aroma that can take over the room (and not in an overbearing, Mama’s perfume sort of way). The best part? It melts into a warm and rich massage oil that you can use all over his/her/your body.

Good Vibrations:

The Pleasure Puff looks like a regular loofah but inside is a hidden waterproof bullet vibe…you can get dirty and clean all at the same time! Share with a lover or use for a little ‘me time’.  Bonus: the Pleasure Puff also exfoliates and relaxes your skin.

Tempted To Touch:

Who doesn’t want to glide their hands all over some smooth, sexy skin?Aura Massage Oil  is a great way to kick off the night. This blend of oils and herbal extracts will leave your body extra soft and irresistable.

Make It Hot:

The Heart Massager acts as a heat pack that will warm you or your partner’s body right up. It’s both soothing and relaxing. Great for a partner who’s had a long day or has trouble with back pain.

Tender Kisses: 

If you’re feeling fun and flirty then pick up Dust Me Pink. This kissable body powder comes with a feather duster, so you and your partner please and tease easily. This is a great product for someone who is shy about the idea of bringing new stuff into the bedroom.

Caught Up In The Rapture:

If chains and whips don’t excite you like they do Rihanna, consider a much less intimidating introduction into the world of S&M. The soft silk blindfold and two silk ties included in the Vanilla Bondage kit are a simple way to add some flavor to your evening and are scented like sweet ice cream.

All of these goodies (and much, much more) can be purchased from your local Pure Romance represenative or directly from the company’s website