There’s a ton of reasons why you should have sex: The health benefits are astronomical. You can reduce stress, strengthen your vital organs and feel relaxed, to name a few.

But will sex actually make you smarter? These researchers believe it does.

A study conducted by Oxford and Coventry Universities in England suggests that having frequent sex boosts the brain’s cognitive functioning.

sex3_original_55339Researchers surveyed 73 older adults ranging in age from 50-83 on their sexual activity. They were asked how often they had sex, and the subjects were then instructed to perform tasks testing their cognitive function with regard to memory, fluency, language and visuospatial abilities.

The study found that those who had sex at least once a week scored higher on tests of cognitive function, specifically, tests that measured verbal fluency and visuospatial ability.

“The current study replicates previous findings (Wright & Jenks, 2016), showing that overall cognitive scores were consistently higher in those who are sexually active compared to those than those who are not,” a summary of the report stated. “It extends these findings by showing increasing scores on two specific cognitive domains (fluency and visuospatial ability; with the latter approaching significance) with increasing frequency of sexual activity (from never, to monthly, to weekly).”

Researchers concluded that the more sex you have, the more dopamine you brain produces. In other words, staying active can boost your intelligence as you age. How much of an impact frequent sex has on young people remains unclear at this time.

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