Michael Arceneaux, EBONY.com contributor and Master of Shade, calls out five of his biggest gripes from the past week. Rejoice and be read. Follow Michael @youngsinick.


1. Shut Up, Stacey Dash: Like other insufferable, self-serving Black folks working in media with no sense of community, Stacey Dash collects a check to offer commentary that upholds the status quo no matter how damaging it is to people who look and piss like her. In her latest headline-grabbing moment, Dash went out of her way to try and discredit the 15 women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assaulting them. She did so by way of Twitter, explaining, “I worked with @BillCosby in ’86 when I was 19. We were alone together many times. He was a perfect gentleman & became a mentor to me.”

Whoopity doo, Stacey Dash. Whoopity damn doo. While Dash’s truth is certainly just that, what she seems to miss is that whatever happened to her has no bearing on what he allegedly did to other women. Stacey, it’s not all about you, you parasite. The minute you learn to have empathy for other people and operate from a space outside of “ME! ME! ME!” the less useless your thoughts will become.

2. You Shut Up, Too, Shad Moss: To be fair to the artist formally known as Bow Wow, he has every right to feel a way about people unnecessarily attacking his relationship with Love & Hip Hop:New York star and noted hothead, Erica Mena. If that’s the person he chooses to marry, respect his choice, or at the very least, let your shade out and proceed to tending to your damn business.

However, Shad tried it when he declared: “Funny how its only 1 race that hates the most on my relationship or anything i do. BLACK FOLKS. Says a lot about us. Exactly why folks think we can never elevate because we stay holding each other back with the bullsh*t and ignorance. Maybe we are just that. IGNORANT. FOH”

Yes, because we’re the ones responsible for past laws banning interracial marriage and we’re the folks who, to this day, walk up to interracial couples of white men and Black women and assume she’s his prostitute. Repeat after me: Black people can never be the most racists people on Earth. Ever. There is ample amount of evidence supporting that fact. No matter how butt hurt you are about some folks having a nasty opinion, it doesn’t give you permission to play your own community.

3. There Is No Such Thing As A Digital Lynch Mob: Politico’s Dylan Byers labeled critics of Uber a “digital lynch mob.” You know, what’s the digital equivalent of a lynch mob? Not a damn thing, you insensitive, inconsiderate, ignorant pieces of [redacted]. There’s nothing like a lynch mob than an actual lynch mob. Some metaphors are not worth expressing. Considering this one of the top five of all-time.

4. Actually, We’ve Talked About Black Homophobia Enough: In an interview with HuffPost Live, actor Tyler James Williams said: “Whether we like to address it or not, the African American community is notoriously homophobic. We have been coming up on this rough side of the mountain, as far as civil rights issues go, but we haven’t necessarily addressed the fact that there is a whole other side to that civil rights coin, which are gay rights.”

Um, who doesn’t like discussing it because last time I checked, for the last six years Black people have been constantly reminded that they are the boogymen and boogywomen to gay rights. Never mind the Black gays who exist within our community; the likes of Shonda Rhimes; various elections like those in Maryland where Black folks played a gay role in making marriage equality happen.

For the billionth time, Black people do not hate gay people at some magically disparate rate than anyone else. We can speak to the uniqueness of how homophobia manifests itself in our community, but let’s not pretend it’s so much worse than everyone else’s – although select mainstream outlets certainly love it when they get a Black face to posit otherwise.