Michael Arceneaux, EBONY.com contributor and Master of Shade, calls out five of his biggest gripes from the past week. Rejoice and be read. Follow Michael @youngsinick.


1. Not So Fast With The Scheming, Sis: YouTube Sensation and self-professed former homosexual Andrew Caldwell is sticking to the script with regards to him being spiritually delivered from the gay. Hey, if he wants to pretend suppression is the same thing as elimination, so be it. However, Caldwell is enjoying his newfound notoriety and itching for a “sponsor.” When asked about his future plans in a new interview, Caldwell said, “One day…I believe one day someone is gonna sponsor me so I can have a conference and fill that place up and hear everyone’s story.” Among other things in Caldwell’s past include accusations of insurance fraud. Surprise, surprise that he’s now trying a whole different hustle.

So Saints: you can take the homosexual out of the man, but you can never remove his stunt queen.

2. Mind Your Business, Naya Rivera: Naya Rivera has been on Kim Kardashian’s tit almost as long as North West has been feeding from it. She may be married to someone else now, but it wasn’t that long ago that she was dating Big Sean and trying to give the world a Forever 21 version of KimYe. The same goes for her dressing like Kim Kardashian week after week: same clothes, same styling, same damn near everything. So, it was funny to see Naya leave the following comment under Kim Kardashian’s instagram for the photo in which she bared her bottom half for Paper magazine: “I normally don’t. But…you’re someone’s mother…,”

For one thing, Kim Kardashian has every right to do whatever she wants as she pleases. Mothers are allowed to still be sexual beings. That said, Naya Rivera, since you didn’t succeed in becoming the Solange to Kim Kardashian’s Beyoncé, now you want to be her Keri Hilson? Grow up, girl, and get off.

3. What Kind Of Man Is Kanye?: To answer the burning question “What kind of man is Kanye West to allow Kim Kardashian to bare all for a magazine?” I’m assuming is the following: The kind of man who respects his wife’s choices and supports them; the kind of man who understands his wife has the right to own her sexuality, stunts, and whatever else is in between; the kind of man who doesn’t believe marriage means he has the option to “allow” another person to do whatever she wants to do. There, I helped.

Kanye is likely may be used to people challenging his masculinity and manhood for silly reasons, but  I’m tired for him.

4. Leave Phaedra Parks Be: I can understand why some people feel like Phaedra Parks abandoned her husband Apollo Nida in the midst of his legal troubles. After all, she married an ex-con, so she knew the risks, blah, blah, all of those other things folks have been saying. However, if your husband spent an entire season of the show you got him on embarrassing you and practically urinating on your marriage, would you be so pressed to run behind a repeat offender? Mind you, Apollo still continued to film with a woman who has proven herself willing to constantly berate his wife and use him as a means to. No wonder Naomi Campbell allegedly told Andy Cohen that she can’t stand her.

By the way, Apollo isn’t the brightest bulb in the room and loves to gossip with the best of them. If Phaedra were truly in on his scams, you don’t think he would have blurted it out in front of a Bravo-commissioned camera crew by now?

5. Request For Mr. Piers Morgan: Shut up.