Ericka Pittman (aka Vice President of the Chairman’s Office at the company started by Sean “Diddy” Combs) is fierce, fabulous and turning 40.

Revered as a dynamic and composed strategist specializing in media, branding and marketing, Pittman exudes the power of “she”- unafraid and unapologetic.

As she officially exits her thirtysomething status on April 18, Pittman is embracing all of who she is and sharing a message with millennials about decision-making and living a well-balanced life. In addition, as an exec working in an industry heavily populated with men, she wants to make it clear to all young women there is a difference between sexuality and femininity.

[Sexuality and femininity] are both super and equally powerful. But if used in the wrong way sexuality can become something completely different,” she expresses. “Femininity, is more of a cerebral approach to being a woman, sexuality being a physical, helps to balance things out in the boardroom. So, if I’m in a room full of masculine energy and I bring a feminine point of view with the assertiveness of my alpha roots, I find a happy space. And I figure out a way to get things done. Men know that I’m unafraid. Women know that I’m unapologetic. And I think I just sort of get what I want.”

A boss in the boardroom and chic in these streets, Pittman flaunts her 40 in the above gallery! – LaToya Cross 

Produced By: CODE of NYC

Photographer: Shane Suban

Stylist: Marcus Blassingame

Hair Stylist: Myss Monique 

Makeup: Rasheeda Bogle