Last night, CBS news anchor Sharon Reed had to press pause on the news and play on a moment of truth when she decided to give a woman by the name of Kathy Rae the read of a lifetime.

Reed, a journalist and news anchor based out of Atlanta, pulled up an email from the racist Rae, who referred to Reed as the “n-word,” not once, but twice. During a conversation between Reed and her on-air colleagues regarding the newly elected mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Bottoms (who was up against a White candidate who, if elected, would’ve been the first White mayor of Atlanta in 40-plus years), the disgruntled viewer accused Reed of “race-baiting,” while also hurling racial slurs at her. While moving on to the next topic of discussion, Reed politely paused her co-anchor to give Rae the attention she so clearly was seeking:
Yeah, I’m gonna hold it because I think there is some confusion behind the screens. A woman by the name of Kathy Rae [just] emailed me, we’re going to put that email on the screen and then I’ll comment after. But I think it’s fair for people to see what she wrote and get my response. I’ll leave it at that.”
Reed then proceeded to read Rae’s email, while also expressing her desire for the station to not censor the racial slurs, since “it’s after 9 o’clock at night and people have the right to see it,” Reed explained. However, she went on to read Rae’s email anyway:
“You need to be fired for the race-baiting comment you made tonight. It’s okay for blacks to discuss certain comments, but not whites. You are what I call a N***r, not a black person. You are a racist N****r. You are what’s wrong with the world.”
The nerve, right? However, what Reed said in response was epic. While staring directly into the camera, and without missing a beat, Reed replied:
“No. 1—you mischaracterized what I said. I didn’t say that White people couldn’t talk about race. Quite contrary, we [at the station] think that race is an authentic discussion to have. It’s one we’re having tonight because … it’s one that has clearly entered the Atlanta’s mayor race. And that’s why, behind the scenes, my colleagues and I, White and Black, we decided, ‘Hey, let’s go for it!,’ because we do try to keep it real here and I think we do a very good job at it.”
I think when arguing with somebody, you have to be careful not to mischaracterize their viewpoint. So I won’t mischaracterize your view either, Kathy Rae. I get it.
On Dec. 5, 2017, you think it’s OK to call this journalist [points to self] a ‘Nigger.’ I don’t. But I could clap-back and say a few things to you. But instead, I’ll let your words, Kathy Rae, speak for themselves. And that’ll be the last word!”
Talk about when keeping it real goes RIGHT! Watch the interaction below: