He ain’t no Rachel Dolezal. She was a woman who was outed and her entire story crumbled. That isn’t happening in this case. But unfortunately all people need is some hint of doubt in order to kill credibility, especially when they already don’t like you for speaking truths they’re uncomfortable with. Lies travel around the world twice before the truth wakes up in the morning. That’s one of those sayings that I heard growing up. The amount of stories questioning his story and race are dumbfounding, meanwhile I doubt most of them give a shit about what he cleared up via social media.

It’s an odd world we live in when you have to VERIFY your Blackness to White people, ain’t it? There was a time when folks threw that at you to reduce your status and standing. Now you have to defend your ability to be a minority? I can’t even imagine what’s going to happen when I get famous enough to get questions about why this half-Black, half-White guy runs a site called Very Smart Brothas. I hope Damon’s ready. For eons, being half-White only made you Black. Now, being half-White is what you get called as a way of diluting your ability to give a shit about being Black. It’s amazing really. People who want no parts of Blackness are trying to stop other's ability to identify with the skin they live in. Odd times indeed.