From a very early age, women are subjected to comments about their appearance that influence their sense of self-worth. Harsh comments can have a negative impact and chip away at their self-esteem. To counteract these outside antagonistic voices, Dove and Shonda Rhimes have teamed up to launch the Girl Collective, a female initiative created to build confidence and challenge beauty stereotypes through honest and authentic conversations between older female mentors and young women. By hosting self-esteem workshops, the confidence-bolstering, female cooperative aims to give young women the tools to empower them in their every day, so that they may reach their full potential.

Dove’s Launch of “Girl Collective” – The First Ever Dove Self-Esteem Project Mega-Event on October 6, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

Recently in Los Angeles, the Dove Girl Collective hosted an interactive workshop where major girl bosses, such as Shonda Rhimes, singer/songwriter SZA, and transgender rights activist Jazz Jennings gave a confidence-boosting talk to the next generation of girls.

Rhimes and SZA discussed how they overcame their own insecurities and blocked out the haters to become the mega-wonders that they are today. “Just do you,” SZA implored the audience. “Don’t let the haters hate cause you to doubt your self-worth.”

Added  Rhimes, “The only definition that matters is the one that you give yourself! Don’t be afraid to brag on yourself to claim your own power”

Watch Shonda’s compelling keynote speech on how she became the ultimate boss lady, and how we shouldn’t be afraid to believe in ourselves and tap into our inner diva to be the best that we can be.