Oh Shonda, you never fail me on Thursday nights, and for this I’m naming my firstborn after you. Last night’s episodes of Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder never skimped on the sex, lies or drama. It was everything we watch them for!

Scandal picked up with Jake feeling a little feisty now that he’s been cleared for the murder of Fitz’s son. Can Olivia get Jake and Fitz to put aside their difference long enough to catch the real culprit, her father? She sure does try. Olivia sets up a dinner date with her dad, and with snipers on rooftops awaiting instructions from Fitz, Olivia’s pops drops a bomb. He knows all about Olivia’s little plan to take him down, he’s disappointed she chose strangers over family, he’s cutting ties with her… and oh, he killed her snipers. Welp!

But there’s more.

Mellie reconnects with her secret lover, the vice president. The two engage in a tryst after Mellie finds out he was injured in a bombing. Don’t worry, he’s OK. He’s so OK that not only is he helping Mellie cheat on her husband, he’s sleeping with Elizabeth North too. Yes, the same Elizabeth North who sent a male prostitute to get intel from Cyrus.

Luckily for Cyrus, the prostitute happens to have a soft spot for him and didn’t deliver much info to Elizabeth. So who did? I'm guessing Mr. Vice President. Thanks to Quinn and Huck’s secret stakeout, now we know about Elizabeth North’s secret affair with the VP. Well, it was secret. Huck and Quinn got caught spying and things got really ugly really quickly, resulting in one gruesome death that Huck’s son Javi happened to witness. (Now would be a great time to tell him you’re an assassin, Huck.)

Last night’s How to Get Away With Murder was based on flashbacks of Lila and the details of her affair with Sam before she was murdered. We find out from Lila that she and Sam kept their relationship secret because she knew he was married. They eventually had sex and Lila got pregnant. When Lila confronts Sam, it’s implied he told her he’s not leaving his wife, Annalise.

Now that a second autopsy has been done, Annalise is aware that Lila was six weeks pregnant when she died. She tells Wes about the pregnancy, asking him not to tell anyone, even Rebecca. Wes—who obviously can’t hold water—tells Rebecca anyway, who then tells Annalise’s former undercover cop ex-boyfriend, Billy.

Rebecca and Billy plot a scheme to find out if Sam is the father of Lila’s baby, so they attempt to bug his phone and hopefully recover text messages (better yet the nudes) that he sent her. Bonnie recollects the time Lila came to Sam and Annalise’s house looking for Annalise and she makes Sam aware of it, only for him to attempt to romantically seduce her into not telling Anna.

Too bad, Bonnie does it anyway. But unfortunately, things don’t work out in her favor. She confessed everything she knew, even getting on her knees crying to her that Sam kissed her. Annalise fired her on the spot. She looked even more heartbroken by Annalise firing her. Could Anna be the real person she loved? I think so, and that’s why I think Bonnie kills Sam. I guess we have to find out next week when the winter finale airs and we finally figure out how Sam dies.

Stephanie Ogbogu is a freelance writer who has been featured on ESPN, Anderson Cooper, USA Today, The New York Post, Huffington Post Live and more. Follow her at @eleven8 on Instagram and Twitter.