Last night was the winter finale for both Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder, and as usual, Mama Shonda Rhimes did not disappoint! 

Let’s start with the whirlwind of craziness on Scandal. Olivia knows her mother is alive, and wants to see her pretty much rot away in a jail cell. As far as her father, she wants him hunted and killed. Rowan Pope has a similar idea for Liv. He shows up at Liv’s home with a gun and his trademark monologue. Olivia gets a little courage and wrestles the gun from her dad, pointing and firing. Unfortunately the gun wasn’t loaded, and now Rowan Pope is steaming mad. He felt Olivia has betrayed him, and now I’m sure Olivia has solidified her spot on his kill list along with the rest of his B613 agents. 

Cyrus has a bit of a scandal of his own. Elizabeth North leaks photos of him and his male prostitute to the press and they have a field day with it. Ashamed of the backlash he’s brought upon the White House, Cyrus quits. Olivia visits Cyrus and gives him the pep talk of a lifetime, convincing him to man up and get back in the White House. He does, even though that means marrying a male prostitute and pretending to be in love. 

And did I mention the best part of Scandal? Liv was kidnapped. Yep, Papa Pope doesn’t take kindly to betrayal from his family, and he got B613 agents to snatch her right out of her apartment while Jake was undressing in her bedroom. The worst part is, they spilled perfectly good wine on her pristine white couch. No respect!

How to Get Away With Murder was just as intense last night. Of course, this is the night we have all been waiting for. Who killed Sam?? 

I have a story for you. Wanna hear it? Here it go. Annalise is kicking Sam out of the house after finding out that Sam knew of Lila’s pregnancy. She’s tired of his lies, and who can blame her? The two get into an explosive argument where Sam ends up calling Anna everything but a child of God and says she was nothing but a cheap lay to him. Annalise confesses that she’s been cheating with Nate the undercover cop, then storms out to be with her side-boo.

Annalise is now gone, and the timing couldn’t be worse for Michaela to stop by with the trophy. Sam tells Michaela that Annalise isn’t home, but Michaela decides that rather than leave, she’ll wait. Big mistake, because in runs Rebecca with her flash drive attempting to pull info off of Sam’s laptop. 

She grabs the computer and runs up stairs. Sam chases her, but luckily Rebecca locks herself in the bedroom. Sam refuses to let either girl leave and things start getting pretty intense. Luckily Michaela phones the rest of her classmates for help and they come to the girls’ aide. Now it’s the students vs. a very drunk Sam Keating, and as Sam lunges towards Michaela, she attempts to protect herself by pushing the professor over a banister.

The students assume Sam is dead and are already attempting to figure out what to do. Unfortunately, he’s not dead, and he attacks Rebecca. Wes thinks fast and strikes Sam in the head with the trophy. Yep, that should do it. Now all of the students are accomplices to murder. They decide to clean up the crime scene, roll Sam up in a carpet and burn his body in the woods. Sounds like a great idea but they’re doing a sloppy job. Considering this show is called How to Get Away With Murder, I’d assume they would know better. 

So now we know Wes killed Sam. But there’s more—somehow Annalise is behind it all. Apparently she witnessed Wes cleaning up the crime scene, and given how calm Wes was, there’s definitely something going on that we don’t quite know about. I guess we’ll have to see what happens when Shondaland Thursdays pick back up in January!

Stephanie Ogbogu is a freelance writer who has been featured on ESPN, Anderson Cooper, USA Today, The New York Post, Huffington Post Live and more. Follow her at @eleven8 on Instagram and Twitter.