Switching up your bedding as the season’s change is an easy way to drastically improve the quality of your sleep, especially during sweltering summer nights. While most bed sheets and pillowcases appear to be the same, opting for products made from breathable fabrics can make all the difference. Specifically non-synthetic materials like pure cotton, bamboo, eucalyptus, and linen which have natural temperature regulating and moisture-wicking properties guaranteed to keep you cool and sweat-free, so you can doze off comfortably.

There’s also a relaxing peace-of-mind that comes with refreshed bedding. Not only are these fabrics lightweight, they are available in soft, sunny colors that capture the breezy vibe of summer to brighten up your room and provide a mood boost. For kids, these materials are all machine washable and durable so you can keep stains at bay. 

Shop below for bedding replacement options, in a selection of suitable fabrics and price points, that will have you hitting the snooze button.

Image: courtesy of Bed Threads

Bed Threads Rust 100% French Flax Linen Bedding Set $280 for Queen set, bedthreads.com

Buttery soft, pre-washed, and designed to last, this pure 100% linen bedding set makes the whole bed feel like the cool side of the pillow. The thing about linen is it only gets better over time; the more you use and wash it, the softer and more comfortable it gets. What’s more, linen is good for you too: it’s anti-static, anti-bacterial and naturally temperature-regulating.

Image: Nest Bedding

Nest Bedding Organic Cotton Luxury Duvet Cover Set $129 for Full/Queen set, nestbedding.com

Get prepared to rest well wrapped in this breathable, organic cotton duvet cover set that feels luxurious to the touch, thanks its silky surface. Also if eco-friendly initiatives are important to you, the material is thoughtfully sourced, and made responsibly, in India, with GOTS Certified Organic, and Fair Trade cotton. 

Image: courtesy of Ettitude

Ettitude Signature Sateen Duvet Cover $179 for Full/Queen, ettitude.com

Protect your comforter or duvet with this silky-soft sateen weave duvet cover. Luxuriously soft and comfortable, it’s made with sustainable CleanBamboo™ fabric. It is 100% bamboo, breathable, temperature regulating, cooling and sustainably made.

Image: courtesy of Clean Design Home

Clean Design Home Anti-Allergen Sheet Set $220, shopcleanandesign.com

Sleeping with the window open? You can avoid sneezing all night with this anti-allergen, 400-thread-count cotton sheet set. The micro-barrier material is woven tightly to block allergens more than five microns in size which keeps out dust, dander, and more triggers for a great night's sleep.

Image: courtesy of Eucalypso Home

Eucalypso Home Eucalyptus Classic Sheet Set $175, eucalypsohome.com

Fall asleep to the world's softest eucalyptus sheets, made with premium 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers from eucalyptus. The video is spun using a patented technology which treats the eucalyptus fabric, making it silkier and cooler to the touch. It is also designed to help regulate body temperature and is both antibacterial and antimicrobial to soothe sensitive skin.

Image: courtesy of Brooklinen

Brooklinen Lightweight Down Comforter, $242 for Full/Queen, brooklinen.com

With over 2,000 near 5-star reviews, this ultra-lightweight down comforter lives up to the hype. Made from 100% long staple cotton shell and reduced down filling, it is specially made for hot sleepers with a cloud-like softness that comforts without the weight. The material is also hypoallergenic and treated with ultra-fresh antimicrobials so it will always smell fresh.