Let us hit a shout! All seems calm on the Sisters Campbell front at the moment. On last week’s episode of WE TV’s ‘Mary Mary’, Tina spilled the beans regarding her pregnancy, Goo’s boyfriend passed the Big Sister Test and Erica is STILL doing what she does best besides singing: disobeying her obstetrician’s orders to take it easy and being self-righteous.  Look at the neighbor on your right and say “Neighbor!”; then look at the neighbor on your left and say “It’s time for this week’s “SIDE EYES AND CHURCH WAVES!”


Warryn aka Baby Dubb aka Erica’s husband continues to strive toward the next hit single (no Fuzzy this go ‘round). Lawd, Ma$e (of Bad Boy and shiny suit fame from the mid-1990s) is in the studio and ‘lacing’ one of the Mary Mary tracks. *crickets* Where has HE been? And thank goodness there were subtitles. I had NO idea what he was rapping/saying.

Tina is feeling a little overcome with the demands of producing a new single, being pregnant and managing home. Do we catch her blaming Mama Honey for being such a control freak and perfectionist? Madam, please remove the plank from your own eye first.

Guess who’s waddling around and is not supposed to be? Yep. Your girl: Erica! And yes…I’m going to keep calling it out.

Erica is too fit to be tied about Tina’s being generally overwhelmed and blames Tina for her lot in life.  She wants no part of contributing to a solution…except to consider going solo; thus, dissolving Mary Mary. Now what now?! We can’t have this. At. All.

“I want to work more than you”—Erica. *sigh* More of Erica talking and not being sensitive to her sister’s struggles. Sounds much like Erica wants a scapegoat. Has this Mary no insecurities? Challenges? Problems of her own?

I am so grateful that Tina and Erica decided to go to therapy. That said. This psychiatrist? Was she styled by Goo Goo? Did I detect shoulder pads in her blazer? *dials the Fashion Police*

Warryn’s mother (because, per Erica, Tina’s event planning skills leave a little to be desired) plans and hosts beautiful and fabulous baby shower for Erica and Warryn! In a confessional, she quizzes Tina: “Were you at MY shower telling people you are pregnant and stealing my shine?” Madam!

And is it not in poor form to have a baby shower when you’ve already a child that is the same sex as the expected baby? De classe’ but maybe it’s just me.



Tina meets with her mom, Honey, about being overwhelmed and fighting the battle of the average working mom: too much to do and not enough hours in the day. Bless her heart. Honey DOES NOT accept the invitation to Tina’s pity party and counters with “God created you and you can’t be nobody else.” (Only slightly before teasing about perhaps having to fight Tina for beating herself up so badly and selling ringside seats for said rumble).

Tina decides to see a therapist to sort out her issues and Erica is coming with. It is so great to see Christians who value mental health professionals in conjunction with their prayer and faith.

Tina challenges detects perfectionist tendencies in her daughter Laiah. She encourages Young Miss Campbell to be the best that she can be and not stress herself if she is not perfect. Way to break the cycle! I applaud the open lines of communication at such a young age.

“Just because you’re quiet does not mean you’re listening,” stylist sister Goo Goo on Erica. Hallelujah! As my dear friend, Trisha says, Goo Goo might have preached with that one! My toes MAY or may not have a few tire tracks from being run over, too.

Tina and her family take four vacations per year (much to Erica’s chagrin). Work hard? Play hard.

“I do not want to lose music. I do not want to lose Tina,” Erica’s moment of clarity. What more is there to say besides ‘Maki Dada’? All I could see was Nettie and Celie playing hand games in The Color Purple. Awww.

At the advice of their therapist and to tap into their truest roots, Erica and Tina visit their hometown, Inglewood, California. With “What A Friend We Have In Jesus” playing in the background, I was truly moved by their reminiscing about being financially challenged when they were children and how much they miss their late Grandma Ruth. There’s no place like home, y’all.

JILL SCOTT! And she’s singing! It was great to see Erica and Warryn’s friends (famous and regular folk) enjoying their (although the appropriateness is still in question in MY mind) baby shower. And Erica FINALLY sat down for a while. Thank you, Jesus.

What’d YOU think of this week’s episode?

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