*grabs hands in a prayer circle* Thank you, Lawd, for last week’s breakthroughs on WEtv’s ‘Mary Mary.’  Erica and Tina landed in counseling to work on their communication skills, take a trip down their childhood portion of Memory Lane and Jill Scott sings a lullaby (*fall out*!). We thank you for the Side Eyes and Church Waves today, tomorrow and forever more because there are many this week.


Did I catch Erica jumping in the opening credits? I do believe I did. There. I did my weekly call-out. I feel better. SO much better.

The Ma$e song is not ready. Clearly. Will it EVER be ready? Probably not. Has the Ma$e ship sailed? When was the last time YOU wondered, “What is Mason Bethea doing these days?” *surveys rooms for raised hands* Alllllllllllllrighty then!

“Let’s not make the decisions based on your pregnancy, Tina. I worked while I was pregnant!” says Erica. We KNOW Erica. We KNOW. You worked, alright…a good nerve.

Mary Mary’s manager, Mitchell aka Wolverine, calls a meeting with sister/stylist Goo Goo to discuss the direction of Mary Mary’s image; most specifically, the styling. You guessed it: Goo Goo begins to bellyache and complain about even the notion of the meeting. I suppose I’m bothered because there is an undercurrent of her seeming that she is indispensable. Erica and Tina’s red carpet wardrobes need to be polished in the worst way. Goo Goo simply is not cutting it.

“Shut up, Stupid.”, Erica to Tina (of course). Manners, ladies! Manners!

Teddy DOES need a lapel on his jackets. And you know what? That’s the worst thing I can say about this guy. His fashion sense is usually more spot on. Does Goo Goo style him, too?

Mitchell is nervous about telling the Sony executives about Tina being pregnant. One of the executives dishes out a congratulations but I’m sure I saw her chin drop. Why? She is likely going to have to explain this to HER boss.

I believe that men of a certain age should dress and behave certain ways. To that end, Erica’s husband, Warryn aka Baby Dubb, should remove the sunglasses in the meeting with the record label. Seriously. Sir, you’re closer to 40 years old than not.

Tina requires Goo Goo’s hand to walk from her car to her front door. If she followed her doctor’s orders, she’d already be inside. And not shopping.

When Erica tells her Goo Goo that they want to hire another stylist for The Grammy’s, their sister/stylist launches into a soliloquy about ‘juiciness’ that I am STILL trying to digest. As it turns out, my QWERTY keyboard does not translate into her language that I can best describe as ‘jibber jabber.’

Who is this assistant that Goo Goo speaks of? And a price sheet? I smell a little Mr Snuffaluffaguss-ish-ness going on. Are these figments of her imagination? Surely. She’s administratively astute but a horrible stylist? *shrugs* I guess more ridiculous occurrences have come to pass.

Tina is running behind to her own husband’s showcase. Why am I surprised by this? Jesus, be Movado. And she’s dressed much like a ‘round the way girl’ with gold lame liquid leggings (the stride is far too short). Lawd. *looks at Goo Goo*

Did I catch Erica jumping at the showcase? What in the Jack-In-The-Box world? This lady just isn’t going to do right is she?

Erica goes into labor. Finally. WHY are 75 people in the labor & delivery room? First baby? Makes sense. Third baby? Have Warryn start a calling tree when the little princess arrives.


Tina’s stepdaughter, Ciara, is visiting Teddy, Tina and family from Chicago where she lives full-time with her mom. Ciara has expressed interest in moving to Los Angeles. Her parents‘ red flags go up as they suspect that she wants to relocate because she does not like her mother’s rules in Chicago. As a couple, Tina and Teddy decide that they cannot uphold Ciara’s “flight plan.” Good call. Co-parenting can be tough (and I know this first-hand) but it is important that the adults drive decisions.

Speaking of Teddy, he has formed an ensemble called ‘The Teddy Campbell Band’ beyond his regular gig as the drummer in Jay Leno’s band. His excitement and preparation for the band’s first showcase has him seem like a kid in a candy store. I look forward to hearing more from  this group. *whispers* I DO wish The Soul Seekers (the gospel group that Teddy formed with Warryn and few other guys) would give us new music. Check them out. They are great!

“Sometimes being the manager, you have to make unpopular decisions”–Mitchell. This is the truth if I’ve ever heard it. The truth is sometimes hard but ‘tis necessary. Mitchell’s approach to giving constructive feedback to stylist Goo Goo falls on unappreciative ears  but it’s business. I wish she would be open to learning.

While at their Sony meeting, Mary Mary belt out “Say A Good Prayer”, an unrecorded cut…yasssssssss! Beautiful. They should replace the Ma$e song with this one. Stat.

“Go Get It” has become my anthem. Every time they play this while meeting with the executives, I hit my good church rock. “It’s your tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!”

The Fashion Fair-ish chocolate raspberry lipstick that Erica is rocking during her confessional? A glorious throwback. Erica is reppin’ for us late 80s teenagers. Oh, the nostalgia. I might need to grab a tube for old times’ sake.

“I should have sat down.”—Erica, as a result of labor pains. I’ll allow the poor grammar to slide. What I will salute is the truth that has FINALLY set Erica free and invoked labor.

What’d YOU think of this week’s episode?

 Shameeka Ayers is an Atlanta-based lifestyle blogger and author who dispenses entertaining, shelter and food & wine anecdotes and advice via her alter ego, The Broke Socialite. She also produces a national tour of curated dessert-tasting experiences, Sugar Coma Events™.  Her first novella, Instantly: How Quickly I Realized I Hate My Job will be released in Summer 2012.