While I am STILL jamming to “Go Get It” (hits “my” part…*sings* “It’s your tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmeee!), we are down to the penultimate episode of WE tv’s “Mary Mary.” I’m trying to keep focused and not go into early withdrawal. I’ve begun to think of Erica and Tina Campbell as my very own sisters. For the past 8 episodes, they’ve gotten on my nerves, made me laugh and even provoked a few tears and I’m going to really miss them at the end of this season. *sigh* Last week’s drama left us on the edges of our pews but it’s time to settle back in for more side eyes and church waves, grab your Martin Luther King, Jr./Funeral Home fans. It’s time.


Goo Goo is hosting the red carpet at The Stellar Awards for Gospel Flava. No comment. Except that she does look really pretty. Her fascinator gave me life!

Did I, in fact, catch Mitchell doing a ‘soul shake?’ Was that a pop! at the end? I see you, Mitchell. I see you. From the side of my eyes…

Tina is running behind. Again. She’s late for the red carpet for The Stellars. When she admits that she “struggles” with time, ‘tis an understatement. Even I have put on my former project manager hat and am trying to think of some solutions that might help her do better.  Lawd. As beautiful as she is and as much as I love her personality, being habitually tardy is not a good look; it almost eclipses everything that is lovely about her.

Tina. That Stellar Awards speech for “Walking”. Goodness. Talking from the side of her neck much? Next time, have a speech in your clutch. Be a skeench more prepared. Always.

At a sleepover, Krista and Laiah, Erica and Tina’s daughter’s, respectively, fight with each other as passionately as their mothers do. The Little Miss Campbells have surely gleaned their habits as a result of bickering that they’ve observed. To that end, everyone knows how it goes down when cousins get together. It’s cool the first couple of hours when you’re in each other’s company and you’re glad to see each other, right? After then? All bets are off! Someone. Anyone. Dispatch The Cousin Police.

Erica and Warryn’s worrying Tina to death have caused a little discomfort in Tina’s household and marriage. Not good. At all.

In a flashback to the “Shackles (Praise You)” video, did I spot corn rows in Warryn’s head? If so? Sir.  It being the turn of the millennium was no excuse.

Warryn’s sister, Joi Starr, is also a talented vocalist who has sang background music for Kanye West. (*note to self* Check iTunes for her music…) We experience her talent at a special showcase. WHY is Erica there? In heels. Contracting. Ma’am!

Erica goes into labor but forgets to call Tina. Tina: Ma’am, I know you mean well but your sister is a tad preoccupied.


The viewing audience is introduced to The Soul Seekers, the sisters’ husbands’ group, who are nominated for a Stellar Award. LOVE these guys. If you haven’t heard them, please listen. You’ll thank me later.

On the precipice of actually giving birth, Erica finally sits down…for a little while, at least. Wonder of wonders. She even passes on traveling to The Stellar Awards. Miracles DO happen.

Versus traveling to the awards show, Warryn makes a last minute decision to stay home with Erica. I love this guy. Mama Honey comes over and they just make an evening out of fun and games with their kids and Tina’s kids.

“If you have a problem, just work it out on your own.”—Krista on trying not to fight with her cousin, Laiah.  Out of the mouths of babes, right? Their respective mothers might benefit from that particular advice.  We do not want to see these two babies on a therapist’s couch in 30 years.

Teddy Campbell is alright with me, too. Since they are away from the kids, he intends to reconnect with Tina. He arranged a beautiful carriage ride around Nashville. Sometimes husbands have to intervene. This is a good brother. My husband and I adore him, too.

Tina and Teddy have a hard but necessary conversation about the state of their marriage.  Marriage is not always googly eyes and butterflies, you know. What makes it easier, though? When you can communicate in earnest with your partner, bring any issues to the table and develop a plan to work through them. If we must have reality television, these are the types of conversations that I want to see more of.

*drumrolls, please* We witnessed the amazing birth of Erica and Warryn’s new baby girl, Zaya. I felt like I was a part of the family in the room. OK..there would not have been enough room for me..but still.

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