Hold my mule! Tina is pregnant. Again. And Erica is too fit to be tied. Per usual. It’s time to slide into your favorite pew for episode six of WEtv’s “Mary Mary”. Besides Visine to unstick the occasional side-eye and a good funeral home fan for a spirited church wave or two, grab your nerve pills. Trust me. You’ll need them.


Erica is STILL waddling around pregnant. Against doctor’s orders. Don’t side-eye me! I’m going to say this every. single. week. until she: a) sits down or b) gives birth.

A persnickety Tina would rather lodge in a roach motel than tell her husband that they are expecting. instead she tells everyone else. Warryn, Tina’s brother-in-law, technically knew that Tina was pregnant before her spouse. Out of order.

Erica is mercilessly brow-beating Tina because she’s pregnant. Her whining causes my pressure to rise.  Oooh! *shakes fist* What’s more? Erica is pressuring Tina to reveal her pregnancy to their manager, Mitchell, immediately (and quicker than Tina intends). Ma’am! Stop it with being a B-U-L-L-Y. Oops! Did I say that out loud?

While it’s her pregnancy and she can do what she wants to, Tina’s lollygagging and keeping the news from Mitchell is slightly inconsiderate. So many people rely on Mary Mary, the brand, for their livelihood and a plan of attack needs to be in place sooner than later.

The Grammys request a Mary Mary performance on awards night. Guess what? Same day as Erica’s due date. No big deal! She wants to induce labor to guarantee that she will make the show. What to do? What to do? “Grab some castor oil!”, declares Erica.

Goo Goo’s boyfriend, Justin, visits from Atlanta; therefore, a group date with Erica and Tina and their spouses is in order. Let the interrogation begin! Justin’s talking a bit too much about being a musician and producer for my taste. Hmmmmmm. Alas, he passed the sisters’ test. My spidey sister senses still have my side-eye on Justin. Mmhmmm.

Ever the romantic, Warryn arranges a romantic dinner for Erica on a yacht. As it turns out, the waters are very rough and his wife proceeds to fall backwards out of her chair. Erica busts her rump and is met her husband’s toothy laughter. Man (almost) overboard!

Erica and Warryn spend too much time at THEIR romantic dinner discussing Tina’s pregnancy. Ma’am. Sir. Look at Erica’s belly. Please.


When Tina tells her husband Teddy that they are indeed expecting another baby, he is visibly shocked but tries to calm her. He says “God is not going to give us these kids and not be able to provide them with love and time.” His encouraging words brought a little balance to Tina’s raw emotions. I really like this guy. And he knows it takes two to tango.

Tina admittedly is overwhelmed with her pregnancy and being a wife, mother and professional. She is experiencing the multiple balls in the air syndrome. Versus stewing in her own confusion, she opens up to Erica. Even though they’ve decisions to make about their brand, she

“Ma’am. I know you ain’t talking!”, said Tina to Erica when Erica began to dress her sister down about being pregnant and ruining their strategic plan for 2012. Thank you for FINALLY saying it! *insert Holy Dance here* Pot, meet Kettle.

Erica’s ‘Rosa Parks’ side bun is glorious. She should wear her hair like this more often. Please deliver us from the oft-coiffed asymmetrical bob..if only occasionally.

The Grammys request a Mary Mary performance on awards night.

Warryn loves shiny things and he wants his wife to have them. He’s feeling especially romantic and shops for a beautiful ‘push gift’ to celebrate the pending birth of their daughter. Bling! Bling! Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

“No touring. No money.”, Mitchell’s response to finding out that Tina is pregnant. Well, there’s that. KeepingItReal.com.

“You have no idea how it feels to be loved like that.”—Erica on the love she shares with Warryn. I LOVE love.

What did you think of episode six?

Shameeka Ayers is an Atlanta-based lifestyle blogger and author who dispenses entertaining, shelter and food & wine anecdotes and advice via her alter ego, The Broke Socialite. She also produces a national tour of curated dessert-tasting experiences, Sugar Coma Events™.  Her first novella, Instantly: How Quickly I Realized I Hate My Job will be released in Summer 2012.