*Grabs my black veiled church hat and black gloves* Last night’s episode of WE tv’s “Mary Mary” had me take up temporary residence on the virtual mourning bench. If y’all hear an old Negro spiritual in the background, that’s me. Humming. Why? Take last week, for example. I’ve  been with Erica and Tina through laughter, tears and the birth of babies, so I am not quite ready for Season One to come to an end. But y’all know what they say about all good things…*sigh* I managed to hold it together for a final week of Church Waves. Yes. This week? Church Waves only. Hallelujah!


After the birth of each child, Warryn arrives to pick up Erica and the baby dressed in a suit. He looks so proud and handsome. Nothing beats family tradition.

Speaking of all things “We Are Family”, whenever a new baby is born into the brood all of the Sisters Campbell show up to cook meals en masse. I’ve never met a new mommy and daddy who could not use an extra hand around the house.

“Marriages do not last unless husbands and wives spend time together.”—Erica. Amen! Tina is serious business about taking care of her husband, Teddy, when he shared that he was feeling a bit neglected. What does she do? Charter a jet to Vegas. Viva, baby!

After being SO excited about being invited to perform at the Grammys, the details have become more clear: Tina and Erica will not sing a selection from the Mary Mary discography. This causes the sisters and their management to pause and pass on the opportunity. As a brand, the team had hoped to showcase one of their songs. Business is business and brand integrity and continuity are a must.

Tina is fed up because she seems to be repeatedly canceling personal obligations when professional obligations change or creep up at the last minute.  That said, she gives in to the shift in game plan. Despite her bellyaching she really is the ultimate team player. Why? She charges herself with devising a plan that keeps Teddy happy and the trifecta that is Mitchell, Erica and Warryn off of her back. Winning!

Real girls. Real curves. Mitchell hires a Hollywood stylist for the Grammys who misses the mark. Big time. Even Stevie Wonder could see that the clothes on the racks are too small for Erica’s and Tina’s badonkadonks! Speaking of wonders, Goo (Yes. Goo. The FIRED sister stylist.) is summoned to fix the snafu. For the love of Erica and Tina, Goo leaves her clients (no comment) and comes to their aid. That’s love.

Tina is on time to a rehearsal for the showcase of their new single, “Go Get It” showcase. *insert a good holy dance here*

In the true Erica and Tina fashion that we have become accustomed over the past 10 weeks, a fight ensues. It’s really over nothing a.k.a. Warryn is tardy for the party a.k.a. The Grammys’ red carpet. This, too, shall pass. Nexxxxxxxxxxxt?

Goo arrives with diamonds. Silence in the presence of bling, please. OK…we can carry on now.

Though no Grammys were won, Erica and Tina looked stunning. *mumbles through my teeth* Goo did a splendid job and surprised me with her wardrobe selections. Dear Mitchell: I will taste a piece of your crow, Sir.

Season One wraps with a hot performance and ministry of “Go Get It”. *clears my throat to hit MY part* “It’s your tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!”  Yes, Trisha (you know who you are). They preached with it, sure enough, and are changing lives with these lyrics. Ask me how I know!

Shameeka Ayers is an Atlanta-based lifestyle blogger and author who dispenses entertaining, shelter and food & wine anecdotes and advice via her alter ego, The Broke Socialite. She also produces a national tour of curated dessert-tasting experiences, Sugar Coma Events™.  Her first novella, Instantly: How Quickly I Realized I Hate My Job will be released in Summer 2012.