Aries season (Mar. 20 – April 19) is upon us, and if someone under this sign has caught your attention, be prepared to fight! Those born under this sign are the aggressive ones of the zodiac and trust me the Aries man or woman is not for those who harbor more meek dispositions.

This fire sign prides itself on being the leader of the zodiac. Energy, impulsiveness and adventure is everything to them. Often possessing an immense amount of restless energy, the Aries man or woman can make for a loyal companion or a good time guy or gal. It just depends on what mood they’re in. If an Aries has caught your eye, be prepared to debate. This stubborn sign has a hard time understanding and accepting when people disagree with them and can be a bit pushy in their delivery and exchange of ideas. That doesn’t mean they can’t be diplomatic and open-minded, it just may take awhile. If you’re interested in laid back charm with a touch of straightforwardness, this sign is definitely for you. Here are five ways to snag and keep your Aries.

1) Challenge them.

If you are looking for an easy-going sign, run! Aries love a challenge and anyone who comes a bit too easy to them lacks enthusiasm. Aries, especially the men, love someone who makes them work for their attention. This isn’t to say that you won’t meet an Aries who won’t care about the chase, it’s just rare. In good fire sign fashion, the Aries man or woman bores very easily. If you lay it all out for them on a platter, they may eat a little simply because it’s being thrown their way, but trust and believe they will soon move on to the next meal.

2) Compliment them, but be sincere in your praises.

The Aries man or woman loves attention and you can never praise them too much. When they care, their hearts are big and a “thank you” or some form of acknowledgment of what they’ve done for you will go a long way. Aries also aren’t privy to BS., so they’ll know if you’re attempting to butter them up with your words. Find something that you genuinely like about them and vocalize it. This fire sign —just like the other two that fall under this element —are quite straightforward. So don’t hold anything back and you’ll not only make them feel good about themselves, but earn their trust with your honesty and genuine demeanor.

3) Stay out of their way when they’re angry.

Next to the Taurus, an Aries has one of the worst tempers out of all of the zodiac signs. When they’re angry, it is best to give them time to cool off. You do not want to experience their wrath. An Aries’ anger is blinding. In many cases they really do see red. So words won’t do much when they reach their boiling point, but space certainly will. Once they calm down you can approach them regarding their feelings and to talk solutions. Giving an Aries space when angry also shows that you respect them. When you attempt to have a conversation about an incident before they’re ready, it can seem forceful, demanding and more about your need to satisfy the dispute.

4) Sensuality is the name of the game.

An Aries loves intimacy. They will make love to you as if you are the only person that matters because it makes them feel good. It can be perceived as selfish, but you benefit from the experience because they often deliver in the bedroom. Because of their generous nature, they expect a lover to enjoy and appreciate their method of sensuality. In other words, do not be a pillow prince or princess and the last thing you should ever do is attempt to rush sex. Be sensual and receptive, even when you’re having a quickie.

5) Be willing to accept their life of adventure.

This is not a game. The Aries man or woman is always into something. Whether it’s having tons of friends or a variety of projects/professional ventures to tend to, you will not be the center of their worlds. This does not mean that an Aries is incapable of being a loving, present and attentive partner. It simply means they will have other things to tend to. Your best bet is to have some business as well.

The Aries is not for everyone. They can be bossy, aggressive and controlling. But trust and believe they will love you with every ounce of their being in good ride or die fashion. So if you’re interested in a life of adventure, growth and new experiences, stay on for the ride.

Shantell E. Jamison is a digital editor for EBONY. She moderates various events centered on love, relationships, politics and wellness and has appeared on panels throughout the country. Her book, “Drive Yourself in the Right Direction” is available now. Keep up with Shantell via her website, Facebook, Twitter @Shantell_em and Instagram @Shantell_em