Pisces season (Feb. 19-Mar.19) is upon us, and if someone under this sign has caught your attention, be prepared to dream! Those born under this sun sign are the fantasizers of the zodiac and while things might not make absolute sense to the rest of the world, you cannot ruin their hopes.

This water sign prides itself on being the healers and peacemakers of the zodiac, so energy, freedom and creativity is everything to them. Sometimes slow moving, the Pisces man or woman can make for a dedicated mate, but that’s if they desire to be that for you. Honestly, they tend to have a reputation for infidelity and playing the field, but there are always exceptions to the rule. If you are thinking of cuffing this mostly easy-going sign, be warned: they will not stay long if they feel suffocated. Pisces love their freedom, so make sure that you are not attempting to smother them into submission. Here are five ways to snag and keep your Pisces.

1) Support their dreams.

The best thing you can do for anyone is support their dreams, but for a Pisces this means everything. As I previously mentioned, those born under the twelfth sign of the zodiac are serious dreamers, so their vision is critical to how they view not just themselves, but the world. While the headstrong Aquarius doesn’t need very much buy-in from their mate regarding their achievements, a Pisces wants to feel that validation and support from their significant other. So if you want to land this fish symbol, make sure you find a way to support their hopes, dreams and goals in life.

2) Be prepared to bring them back to reality.

With that being said, if you truly care about someone, you for damn sure don’t want to send them on blank missions. While it’s great to have a dream, you can’t just live in la la land no matter how well John Legend sings in the film. As the old saying goes, “A dream without a plan is but a wish.” More often than not, you will need to have the plan to help your potential bae see their vision into existence. Pisces are big picture individuals, so providing details and steps to help them achieve their dreams is not only valuable, but will make you a necessity in their eyes.

3) Take your time and give them space.

Yes, there are millions of Pisces sun signs in the world who are married, but the truth is that this isn’t a sign that is in a hurry to rush to the alter. In other words, in good water sign fashion, you have to take your time with a Pisces. Sure, they could be into you and even will appear to be seriously ready for the “c” word. But after all of the fantasy has worn off, this sign will be prone to take a few steps back when things get too concrete. A way to avoid this is to give them space and time to themselves. If they never feel like they’re being smothered, chances are you can lock them down without ruining your opportunity to do so. Patience is the name of the game with this sign,e especially when it comes to the Pisces man. They are not prone to make extremely impulsive decisions and do better in relationships when they feel like the commitment is solely their choice.

4) Earn their trust through words and actions.

The Pisces man or woman is a delicate creature emotionally. While some signs like the carefree, optimistic Sagittarius live by the “innocent until proven guilty” mantra, the Pisces will be more skeptical. You’ve got to earn their trust and the best way to do so is by being who you say you are. Say what you do and do what you say, but do not mislead them in any way.

5) Be spontaneous, creative and passionate in your pursuit.

This sign loves romance, so any activity that includes wining, dining and pampering them is a win. Granted, they could still keep you in the friend—or friends with benefits—zone, but showing them how attentive and thoughtful you are can go a long way.

Landing a Pisces isn’t difficult. Just make sure that they’re who you want because once they fall, you pretty much have their heart for as long as you decide to keep it.