We're less than two months into the new year, and Simone Biles already has much to be excited about. The Olympic gymnast took to Twitter Tuesday to announce that she is now engaged to longtime boyfriend, NFL player Jonathan Owens.

"WOKE UP A FIANCÉE," Biles tweeted along with a photo from the proposal. "I can’t wait to spend forever & ever with you, you’re everything I dreamed of and more! let’s get married!"

According to Texas Monthly, Biles and the Houston Texans safety met on social media ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020.

“I didn’t know who she was,” said Owens. “I just hadn’t heard of her, and when I told her that, that’s one of the things she liked.”

Ironically, the pandemic set the stage for the pair to get to know one another better due to the postponement of the 2020 Summer Olympics and NFL summer training camp.

“We ended up hanging out right before the pandemic,” Owens said. “It was one of the few times in her life where everything was just shut off and she couldn’t do anything. So we used it to get to know each other—really get to know each other. It created our bond and made it stronger. Now I’m so thankful."

Even when the athletic couple returned to work, they continued to nurture their romance. Over the summer, at the conclusion of the Summer Olympics, Biles shared with EBONY that she enjoyed visiting Owens at practice and training camp.

 “I get to go to a lot of my boyfriend’s practices, which I’ve never been to, for their open camp,” said Biles. “It’s been really exciting just to be home and a little bit normal.”

So far, no wedding plans have been announced.