When you are able to make a career out of your passion, you have found a great thing. When you are able to continue in that alongside someone you value and admire, it's even better.

DJ duo Angel and Dren's love of music, creativity and their sisterhood have allowed them to find perfect harmony while forging their own path in music. This year, the twin sisters brought their dope style to EBONY's Power 100 Gala hosted at Milk Studios in Los Angeles, California, and had the crowd vibing to their glorious mix of tunes.

The pair caught up with EBONY to talk about making music together and their creative influences.

EBONY: How did you both get your start as DJs?

Dren: DJ’ing and producing really just started as a hobby. My first job after college was working part-time in marketing at the Apollo Theater. In the evenings, after work, our friend Menelik, who also lived in Harlem, would give us DJ lessons. I’m the kind of person that likes to create stakes for myself, so after a few months of practicing, I found a gig for us on the  Lower East Side. The rest is history!

What most inspires you about the work you do?

Angel: I love that I can combine my passions, be myself and create.  Culture and community keep me inspired. 

What has your journey looked like while navigating a music space that does not always look like you?

Dren: My mom always said to focus on the quality of my own work, and she ain’t never lied! I tell myself that if I’m consistently hard-working and know my craft, then eventually I’ll get to where I want to be, in spite of the playing field.

Outside of your work, can you speak to your other creative and entrepreneurial endeavors?

Dren: Angel and I own a juice bar in Harlem called Mad Juicy. It just turned two years old. I’m really proud and excited to expand that business and continue the wellness conversation in communities like where I grew up.  We also put out an EP last year. It’s called Dark Summer—you should all listen to it.

As sisters, what do you enjoy most about DJ-ing together?

Dren: We always push each other to go harder and get better. We’re competitive with each other in a cool way, but I’m also still her biggest supporter and hype woman. 

Angel: We bounce off each others’ energy so it’s always fun. 

How do you "Move Black Forward"?

Angel: As a Black woman of Caribbean-descent, I hope that my life, story, music, energy, words and more can help push people forward or encourage them, even if it’s just a little.  If anyone needs a push or support they can come to me.