As gun violence in schools is becoming a trend, many parents and teachers have shared stories of their children’s fears and drills in case of another mass school shooting.

CBS is reporting that one Alabama sixth grader drafted up a will in the event he is killed in a school shooting. Javon Davis is prepared to leave his cat, Xbox, PlayStation, all the games for both systems to his best friend. Davis wrote up the will after there was a threat at his middle school.

“It was just in case something happened to one of us because some kids get rowdy up and might end up getting somebody shot or something,” Davis told the news station.

Javon’s mom Mariama was brought to tears when speaking to CBS 42. “It’s really hard because he’s so young. He just shouldn’t have to go through that period,” she tearfully expressed. “He’s in sixth grade. You have a lot ahead of you and these things [are] going on you shouldn’t have to worry about, go through, or even think about.”

Teenagers who have been affected by gun violence like those of the Parkland shooting are marching to Washington D.C. on March 24 to continue to push for gun reform.