Smallgod, the producer behind Afrobeats hits like "Holy F4K" and “Marry Me," which have garnered critical acclaim worldwide, is back with his newest single, “Treasure Island.” The song is a love letter to Treasure Island Hotel & Resorts Island, the luxurious private vacation destination in Ada Foah, Ghana.

“I've always been the guy that connects Africa and the world together through music, fashion and food as well as having parties, so 'Treasure Island' was a special occasion for me to champion Africa,” he tells EBONY.

“I wanted to highlight what we have in Ghana on Treasure Island: the water, palm trees, jet skis and helicopters. There's so much peace and it’s family-friendly.”

As a Ghanian producer, Smallgod takes great pride in showcasing the rich cultural heritage of his homeland through his music. The song features artists Monique Lawz, Joey B and WES7AR 22 taking in the resort's sandy beaches and lush greenery and frolicking in its pools.“Treasure Island is our own Miami, our own Ibiza, our own Mexico,” he exclaims. 

Smallgod is working on a new album called Bridging the Gap. “As you can hear in the name, I'm bridging the gap between the African continent,” as he expands his sound through London and Jamaica with a unique cultivation of collaborations. “[The new album] has many people that I believe in and I've worked with, many legendary and Afrobeat artists,” he teases, adding that he’s also championing the voice of the youth.

With Calabash in hand and a meticulous draw to all things luxuriously dope, Smallgod reveals two stylish things every man should have in his life. “Nice shoes and nice sheets,” he declares.

Listen to "Treasure Island" on Spotify.