Man, this REALLY isn’t the week for this.

We are besieged by horrific headlines about Black men being cut down by police officers and, hell, even a little girl is in the news after being pepper sprayed by cops.  I don’t think I’m taking it too far when I suggest that we could all use a break from racial ugliness.

But apparently, that’s asking too much from the universe because lo and behold, this gem pops up in our collective timelines.

Grist writer Aura Bogado caught newly announced SNL castmember Melissa Villaseñor (and first Latina for the mainstay sketch show) doing a lil’ Twitter purge, Vibe reports.

Bogado, who had been oh so proud of the cultural milestone of Villaseñor’s hire, nevertheless performed her civic duty by airing out the comic for deleting Tweets that were anti-Black, anti-Japanese and anti-Mexicans on bikes.  (I know, I don’t understand that last one either, but peep the screen shots.)

And this one might be my fave, especially after dealing with Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer’s dumb behinds a few weeks back.

Man, please.

(Side conversation: I beg of my Black brothers, please make sure this fool is scared no more and treat her like Odell Beckham Jr. did Dunham at the Met gala.)

I am interested in seeing how SNL will react to this embarrassing news. Hopefully, they’ll do the right thing and kick this goof to the curb so she can rejoin her co-worker at Forever 21 and continue to fantasize about dating Black guys.

At minimum, I’m calling upon Leslie Jones to trip her on the way to the stage for her first sketch. And to think, Jay Pharoah and other talented folks were set aside to make way for this?

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