Colin Kaepernick is encouraging his fellow stars to give back just like he’s been for the past year, with Snoop Dogg and Serena Williams recently putting up their own money in support of Kaepernick’s million-dollar charity pledged.

The Long Beach rapper has donated $25,000 to Mothers Against Police Brutality, according to The Jasmine Brand. Not only did he match the football star’s $10,000 pledge, but made an additional donation of $15,000, bring their combined donation to $35,000.

Meanwhile, Serena Williams asked Kaepernick to donate money to a Los Angeles-based organization Imagine LA, which helps homeless families. The tennis champ is matching his donation of $10,000 to the group.

To date, Kaepernick has donated $900,000 to more than 30 organizations based in impoverished communities.