The uniquely exciting life of singer Frank Ocean has been on full display since his vibrant usage of Tumblr propelled him into the national consciousness. Now the talented artist, who isn’t shy of expressing his feelings virally, has once again excited and frustrated the masses via a recent Tumblr post. The message on the site is the first text-based message the singer-songwriter has posted since he posted a picture of a letter he typed to his male lover.

Ocean’s message said one thing and one thing only: “YEA, I QUIT.” The short and direct phrase was posted without trumpet fare or applause, and left much to the imagination to figure out where the inspiration stemmed from. Previously the Odd Future artist took to his Twitter account in what may have been an attempt to brace his fans for the impact his message would leave, tweeting, “Quitting the music industry is the new black.” He continued, “If I didn’t make music I would just work on cars. Germans only.” While many critics believe that Frank Ocean is on another hunt for attention, many fans are hopeful that it’s just another one of the singer’s infamous rants.

At a time when everyone is hopping aboard the electronic dance music scene and churning out fist-pump music, Frank Ocean is in an unique position to change the climate within R&B. Whether his Rubik’s Cube-like message was indeed about quitting music, or social networking, or something elsewhat remains clear is that the mystical musician aims to be very vague about what he is referring to. Long odds are betting that Ocean isn’t leaving the music business any time soon, as the “No Church in the Wild” singer recently spoke about hooking up with Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z in the studio.