Ty Hunter is a busy man these days. Not only is he a sought after Creative Director and Queen Bey’s stylist; this maven launched his own capsule collection this week with online retailer ServedFresh. The line, which is named ‘With Passion’, features artful graphic prints of exclamation points, because the punctuation “elevates expression and delivers a message or action,” the site noted. Hunter, whom frequently uses the literary symbol to bring home inspirational messages on social media, wanted to ensure that the focus of the collaboration contained a “spirit of empowerment and enlightenment,” which embodies Hunter’s work and aesthetic.

The line showcases other gems of goodwill, with words like: Focused, Love, Fearless, Positive, Humble and Creative, affixed to the front of the wears; all for the reasonable price of $40 – $95 per item. Don’t miss the boat! Catch these haute pieces before they sell out on servedfreshcollection.com.

-Fashion Editor, Ericka N. Goodman