Oh what a time it is to be alive.

Just when you thought the from-the-hospital-bed selfie was the epitome of social thirst, in comes a gunshot victim who takes the time (while bleeding out) in a car to go on Facebook live to document the aftermath of the attack.  Making matters even more Twilight Zone, on camera, the victim Donesha Gantt exclaims that she knows who ambushed her and her companions outside a Florida Burger King.  However, NY Daily News is reporting that she clammed up when asked about her assailants by police.

Let that soak in like seasoning.

So… You wanted to go public with what could have been your final moments, but you don’t want to help the authorities capture the person who seemingly put a hit out on you.

Puzzling.  I get it to a very small degree. As a former television reporter, live TV can be exciting.  This is why when I see my friends Snapchatting and Periscoping their mere arrival at their beauty salon and/or barbershop appointments, I don’t respond with snarky commentary. However, in this case, i strongly recommend that my less social savvy friends dial police instead of streaming any kind of attack.  Now, had you turned the camera outward to make sure someone caught a case, that I could see.

You tell me, EBONY family, is this really what we’ve come to?  Has the prospect of being seen become this urgent or what?

I don’t know, but I certainly hope this doesn’t give anyone else any bright ideas.  Just stick to the IV-drip Snapchats and selfies and we’ll be good.

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