Last week, Nigerian photographer Mofe Bamuyiwa shared an image of a young girl by the name of Jare, 5. The portrait quickly racked up thousands of likes and comments raving about her “beauty” and “doll-like” features.

Under the photo of Jare, the lifestyle and wedding photographer wrote, “Oh yes she’s human! She’s also an angel!” Bamuyiwa goes on to explain why she positioned and styled the young girl in a more mature nature. “I want to portray the interception between her childhood and adulthood so both stay timeless,” she wrote under another photo of Jare.

In a conversation with Yahoo Lifestyle, Bamuyiwai said she hopes “the photo to speak to her when she has reached her adulthood.” She also revealed that Jare isn’t a professional model, but due to the attention, her mother launched an Instagram page for her and her two sisters Jomiloju, 7, and Joba, 10. The photographer has photos with all three girls and described them all as having “striking features and strong characters.”

The J3 Sisters page has amassed close to 31,000 followers in the last seven days. Some followers, however, are pointing out that Jare, while still beautiful, looks different than she does in the photos uploaded by Bamuyiwai.