If you’ve been seeing a surge of pictures today of our beautiful Black boys and girls from across the globe all over your social media timeline, don’t panic. On the contrary, you may want to learn what the hashtag”#BlackOutDay” is all about, and even join in on the fun. It’s been a strong Twitter trend throughout Monday and there’s no telling how long it’s going to stick around.


Photographer Devin Allen, known for his TIME Magazine cover photo during the unrest in Baltimore this summer, joins in on #BlackOutDay.


Writer and public speaker Feminista Jones embraces her blackness during #BlackOutDay


Lately, web trends have included hashtags that highlight global Black awareness and also promotes the act of embracing the skin you’re in. Trending topics like today’s “#BlackOutDay,” “#MelaninMonday,” and “#BlackGirlMagic,” are some of the social media movements, created by users for users, that have taken timelines by storm, promoting inspiration in the idea that that anything is possible as a person of color.



Black actors and actresses were well represented during the 2015 Emmy Awards.


Social media has steadily become a primary vehicle for expression for a new generation of Black youth, serving as the common platform for the masses and showing that the power of our youth is in their voice. The days where message boards and chat-rooms provided the early Internet babies with a forum for discussion.

Today, a digital patron can spark a movement with a single Instagram picture, a Tumblr post or 140 Twitter characters as we’ve seen with the “#BlackLivesMatter” initiatives.