Exes—good or bad—leave lasting impressions.  So much, they come up in random conversations with friends, memes circulate thanks to experiences shared with them and daggers are thrown when reflecting on some of those who we’ve entertained romantically at one point or another.

And when you combine the topic of love and relationships—exes in particular—with social media, all types of “in my feelings” posts erupt.

And that’s exactly what is going on via Twitter at the moment. If you search, #TipsForDatingMyEx, you’ll see all kinds of tweets from people reminiscing on the EX-perience:

Whoa der.

While most of the posts appear to be negative (and perhaps honest) in reflection, there were a few from folks who owned up to their mistakes regarding their past relationships, while others praised their former lovers.

While #TipsForDatingMyEx has a blend of humor, seriousness, bitterness and great reflection, one thing we all can conclude is that exes help shape who we are in relationships. Whether their mark on you is positive or negative is certainly up to you.