Thirsters of America, you have lost your ENTIRE minds.


I know that YOU are not out here backing up Ayesha Curry’s personal reflections on modesty. Though her tweeted stance is moving lower and lower on her timeline, I’m seeing scathing criticisms of any who dare question her logic. If I only had the time to air out each one of my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram friends who actively Drake after the beautiful (and uncovered) bodies of women yet still have the audacity to fix their lips (or texting fingers) to call anyone questioning Curry “thots,” “whores,” “sluts” and worse.


Sadly, yes, there is worse.


Your hypocrisy is not even laughable.  It’s sad.  It demonstrates that, much like racial progress, our advances in gender equality are a joke.  Yes, you are happy to share videos of women twerking, sunning themselves in bathing suits, doing the electric slide in low slung jeans and stilettos, or taking photos that aim directly down into their cleavage yet in the same virtual breath denigrate women who say they feel sexually liberated by baring their bodies.  Let me guess, you support bans on leggings, shorter skirts and dresses in schools because you believe that men are unable to contain their baser urges unless we all drape ourselves in bed sheets.


Do you even believe what you’re typing?


Or has pop culture so sucked the gray matter out of your brains that you are unaware of the contrast in your timelines and your actual actions?  Please realize the same mouth you use to claim you can’t find a spouse among the Jezebels is the same orifice from which you holler “hey baby” or (worse) “psssst, psssst” as we walk down the block in a Little Black Dress.  Oh wait, I forgot, those of your ilk doesn’t acknowledge that as street harassment.  Instead, those are, um, compliments and salutations that we, forced Patrons of the Resting Bitch Face, are “rude” enough to ignore.


I wish I could commission the Pew Research Center to help me conduct a survey to see what percentage of you click on everything Amber Rose so you can drool silently in your cubicles, then compare that segment to the same portion who shamed her to the point she started her own Slut Walk movement.


There may indeed be men whose actions back their words and are not instead falling prey to the rampant, reckless Hoteppery that claims to lift the Black woman up, meanwhile planting a jojoba-oiled foot on her back.  For y’all innocent individuals in that sub-segment of the populace, I offer a polite smile and an offer to excuse yourself from the virtual room.


However, for the rest of you who claim to be looking for virtuous, completely covered up wife material, I offer the following, albeit unsolicited, advice.  Perhaps your search would be easier if you didn’t so often divert your digital steps into Twerk Team territory.