I’m at home the other day flicking through the channels, and I came across an old episode of Martin. In the episode, Cole is taking Big Shirley somewhere on a flight. Tommy’s taking Pam to an island. And Martin and Gina are not going anywhere. In so many ways, Gina throws Martin hints about her wanting to go somewhere like their friends are. Although they eventually met Tommy and Pam on their busted-up island vacay, Gina was eventually okay with the fact that Martin just took the time out to take her somewhere.

Fellas, your girl may be trying to tell you the exact same thing, without telling you in those exact words. We ignore the signs, and just say we don’t know why she has an attitude. You may see ads on the kitchen counter about Carnival Cruise Line, or catch her looking at Hotel Deals on Groupon. Hopefully at this point, you’ve gotten the hint that she wants to go somewhere.

And actually, you should want to take her on a trip to get a change of scenery if nothing else. One trip my wife take a lot are cruises. Depending on the time of year and type of room, you can book a cruise for $249 per person. Cruises involve insurance and other fees, but food is inclusive, and there’s at least one night where you get served shrimp and lobster.

If water’s not your thing, you can look into taking by your lady somewhere nearby your hometown—a two-to-three-hour road trip to a nice town for the weekend to just enjoy yourselves. Most of us might think that because we may not have a lot of money, we can’t take our wives/gfs anywhere. I’ll fill you in on a secret: You can take her to a nice hotel right in the city you live in. With women, it’s generally just a simple change of scenery from the routine makes them happy.

Look up a nice hotel in your city by searching Groupon, Hotwire, an app like HotelTonight, or any of the sites they go to looking for deals. (Ladies know where the deals are!) Book a nice room, maybe one with a window view of the city’s downtown lights. Check in early and sneak some rose petals on the bed. Buy her some sexy lingerie and put it on the bed also. Buy some nice wine (or whatever her drink of choice is) and slip it in the fridge.

If you really want to surprise her, buy her an outfit, and leave it at the room as well—that way you don’t have to tell her to pack. In the late afternoon, take her out for a couple drinks and dinner. By that time it’s dark; take her from there to the hotel. From that point on, you’ve made her day, and you did it all right in the same city.

Women get excited when it comes to planning a trip, but when you plan them a nice night or weekend getaway without them even knowing about it, you’ve scored major points. Imagine feeling like a million bucks while she tells her friends and family she’ll talk to them later because she’s out on a special getaway!

With most women, it’s quality over quantity, so you don’t necessarily need to spend crazy money on making her happy with a getaway. She’ll be more satisfied with the fact you put thought into making her night really special. The fact that you took the time to make her feel appreciated with lingerie, rose petals, champagne and/or chocolate covered strawberries, all in an upscale hotel with a great view, speaks volumes.

So if you can’t afford to take her across the world, bring the world to her. If you can afford to travel, take her on a trip. Go enjoy life!