The late Nichelle Nichols significantly impacted the lives of many Black folks. Her most direct impact can be seen in Captain Burnham, a Black female science specialist in Star Trek: Discovery, played by actress Sonequa Martin-Green. Martin-Green's role was heavily based on Nichols' portrayal of Uhura on the original iconic sci-fi seres. Nichols' Uhura was one of the first times that a Black woman on TV was portrayed in a notable role on prime-time television as a leading figure in a STEM field.

It's this spirit that sparked Sonequa Martin-Green's partnership with Frito lay and STEM NExt's Million Girls Moonshot, an initiative that seeks to engage one million more girls in STEM learning opportunities by 2025.

Martin-Green spoke with EBONY correspondent Jenn Rodriguez about the lasting legacy of Nichelle Nichols and her STEM-related collaboration with Frito Lay and Million Girls Moonshot.

"I am really excited to teach my children, especially my daughter about Nichelle and for her to understand the impact that she had," said Martin-Green.

Watch the video interview, below: