For those tapped into culture, April 20th is an unofficial national holiday. The term "four-twenty"— often denoted as 420 or 4/20— can be traced back as far as the 1970s for its association with cannabis usage, especially amongst youngsters. The day is used as a communal opportunity to consume weed and have a relaxing day with close friends and other loved ones.

If these songs aren't on your 4/20 playlist, did you truly even partake? Check them out below:

Mary Jane

Rick James

A blast from the past but classic that transcends time, playing "Mary Jane" on 4/20 might as well be a tradition. This song might even be the first thing you associate weed with in your mind due to its timeless notoriety.

James Joint


Rih Rih knew she had a hit when she made this track. If you could bottle the nostalgia of an intimate smoke session with someone you care for, this song would be it.

How High

Redman and Method Man

This track is the first single to be released by Redman and Method Man. As the object of the 4/20 game is to see how faded one can get, this song is completely fitting. It might even inspire friendly competition amongst your circle on this day.


Young Thug

Over the past ten years, this song has become a staple at numerous parties and functions. Whether or not you identify with the song's title, the cadence of the track makes you feel like part of the crew.

I Got 5 On It


Prior to being remixed for Jordan Peele's Us, "I Got 5 On It" personified the experience of rallying the homies together to put in for a bonding experience unlike none other. Whether you contribute five or more to the turn up, you can be sure that your friends will always be down to ride and contribute to the vibes.

Young, Wild and Free

Wiz Khalifa ft. Snoop Dogg and Bruno Mars

Most of the appeal of 4/20 comes from the sense of community that undoubtedly comes together on this day. No matter how old you are, it's important to find moments to be "young, wild and free," just like the song embodies. Additionally, this Wiz Khalifa track feature sone of the biggest proponents of weed in the game—it couldn't be more aligned with the day's purpose.

Don’t Kill My Vibe

Kendrick Lamar

This song is a lowkey plea for peace. Once you've reached your preferred level of litness, the point is to stay in the zone and enjoy the ambiance and experience you are embarking upon. The last thing you need during that time is a bugaboo ruining the moment and "harshing your mellow" during 4/20 festivities.


Jhene Aiko ft. Swae Lee

Equating infatuation to a strain of weed, Jhene Aiko and Swae Lee understood the assignment. Whether being used as a high vibrational transition tune during the activities or as a ploy to tell someone you are feeling them, it is all in good 4/20 fun.

Purple Haze

Jimi Hendrix

Aside for being a trippy strain of cannabis, Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze" impacted an entire generation while cementing his place as an icon. The psychedelic moments depicted in the song makes it a fan favorite to play on 4/20.