For this week’s installment of Sonic Boom, Kweli teams up with Maino, Earth Tone Lyrix misses her boo and Kid Cudi gets reflective again. I also bring you a burgeoning emcee who goes by the name of Akilah Brock.

Talib Kweli ft. Maino  – “To the Music”

Talib Kweli tapped fellow Brooklyn dweller Maino for assistance with “To the Music,” the latest offering from his mixtape, Attack the Block, which is coming soon. The 9th Wonder-produced groove is mellow and soulful, which is what you should expect from 9th by now.  Kweli and Maino may sound like a strange paring on a track but everyone can relate to having a good time. Their flows and styles are different but it’s the music that brings them together, no pun intended. Respect the dj, as Kweli commands in his opening verse, close your eyes and just two-step with a drink in your hand.

Listen here.

Earth Tone Lyrix – “Make Everything Alright”  

This singer/songwriter is described as a “shy girl until she opens her mouth to sing,” in her website bio. If this is the case, I hope she never stops singing. Ok, so, we know that’s not physically possible but her mellifluous voice, down-to-Earth lyrics and acoustic guitar resonate beautifully with every day ish. “Make Everything Alright” is Earth Tone Lyrix’s desire to be close to that special someone put to melody. The Georgia native has been captivating audiences by playing venues around the country, at music festivals, online and even via an occasional TV appearance for the past few years. She sites Erykah Badu, Bootsy Collins, Ezperanza Spalding and Anita Baker as some of her musical influences.

Check out “Make Everything Alright” here.

Kid Cudi – “Just What I am”

You never know what you’re going to get when it comes to Kid Cudi’s brand of emo but this time around, the GOOD music representative managed to keep from whining on his latest offering, “Just What I am.” Here, Cudi is introspective and pensive as he raps and sings about who he is, was and growing into the man he wants to be. It’s definitely a ditty you can throw on when you’re cleaning up the house.

Listen here.

Crown – “Comfortable”

There are a few scenarios that could occur when former boy group superstars grow up. It either results in tragedy, said former superstar fading into oblivion or, the little engine that could syndrome. We’ll apply the latter to Crown, formerly known as Tahj, from the Motown group, The Boys. Yes, the The Boys who was responsible for singing the 1988 smash, “Dial My Heart.” Crown is a grown ass man now, and has stuck around in the music business and learned various aspects of the game. It seems to have paid off as he his still making music. He has released three solo albums since 2005. “Comfortable” is the latest single from his most recent project, Crown Deluxe Vol 1: Love Notes. It’s a fervent bedroom anthem where Crown gives his best falsetto about making that special lady feel relaxed.

Listen here.

Akilah Brock – “Gimme Gimme”

Ask the Queens native via the island of Jamaica about herself and she’ll say, “I am what I am, no one can change me.” That’s probably why “Gimme Gimme” is all about the money. Miss Brock wants that paper and lots of it. Here, she’s rapping over a bouncy track with a fast flow about getting it but don’t write her off as a one-track materialistic mind. Brock changes up her subject matter and sound according to what she’s feeling. The up and comer was inspired to start rapping after writing a poem in honor of her mother, following her death. The poem was well received by her friends and the rest is history. “Gimme Gimme” is the second release from her latest ep, Mayday.

Listen here.