I love bringing you tunes from various genres of music but this week, hip-hop reigns supreme. Read on for the good stuff from Rasheeda, Kanye West, 2Chainz, plus a lady lyricist who raps better than your favorite with a record deal—male or female—and more.

1. “Birthday Song” – Kanye West and 2 Chainz

2 Chainz linked up with Kanye West to start his birthday celebration early. It’s two months away but at least now no one can say they didn’t know what he wants—that would be a big booty girl, in case you’re wondering. It’s typical southern synths, bouncy beat and machismo about big butts and smiles, and cars. Meanwhile, Kanye shows us that he still has a little ignance in his system—in this case it’s that head banger ignance that I’m not mad at. 2 Chainz’s debut album, Based on a T.R.U. Story, is scheduled for an August 14th release.

Listen here.

2. “Flash” – Iggy Azalea ft. Mike Posner

Iggy Azalea enlisted Mike Posner for the hook on her freaky-deaky tale about what’s going down during her next booty call. “Flash,” which is from her forthcoming EP, Glory, is raunchy but also has a Sade vibe to it thanks to the mellow beat and Mike Posner sleepily crooning, “I pray I don’t crash, cuz I’m speeding really fast, yeah I’m racing to your love.” It’s a sexy song if you can get past Iggy Azalea reaching too far for punch lines like, “Say you not used to seeing p- -sy on the TV well that’s probably because it’s usually on your face,” and “Boy what’s up? When you swerving it excites me; the way you just doing it…Nike.”

Listen here.

3. “Mojo Slime” – L.A. ft. Frank Ramz

L.A. enlisted the help of Fresh Nerd for her latest single, “Mojo Slim,” from her summer album, LA Lytes. L.A. starts off with a spoken word piece about her struggles as a hip-hop artist, where bullshit is king and being talented doesn’t get rewarded most of the time. Eventually, the beat turns into a kind of electronic bounce starting with Frank Ramz’s verse about not settling for wack record deals and how being good isn’t enough, and it rounds out with L.A. rapping about how so many people have been in her ear about what she should be as a female emcee and how it drives her crazy. Please note that L.A. is lyrically superior to 95% of the people who have major label deals (who are still putting out music) and she knows how to make a good song, which proves that both can be done.

Listen here.

4. “Live it Up” – 1982 Ft. Lil Fame and Anjuli Stars

1982 is a duo that consists of Statik Selektah and Termanology. Those who know them will forgive me for describing “Live it Up” as their usual boom bap soulful sound. Let’s back track, I too think that the phrase “boom bap” is trite and over used, but it’s the perfect word to describe anything that has ever and will ever be touched by 1982. The song is a laidback feel good approach to encouraging listeners to feel better about life.

Listen here.

5 . “Marry Me” – Rasheeda

Veteran rapper Rasheeda is the hustler that won’t quit. She hasn’t been on a major label in years but she has a solid following, and manages to keep her fans happy with a steady stream of catchy music. Enter “Marry Me.” The single has been out for a while and there’s even an incarnation with Toya Wright rapping on it floating around. However, Rasheeda’s stint on “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” has brought new life to the song and despite random YouTube clips floating around, it never had an official video until now. “Marry Me” is relatively simple and the beat even has a Casio home studio feel but damnit if it ain’t catchy! Rasheeda strikes again. Anyway, check out the newly released video here.

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