Teyana Taylor reminds us that she’s a singer, Redhead makes fun of “Talking White,” the Floacist still isn’t over the Floetry break up, and more in this week’s edition of Sonic Boom!

J Cole – “I’m a Fool”

J Cole decided to display a rare for rappers moment of weakness on his latest joint, “I’m a Fool.” The music is driven by a sample from Melanie Fiona and Cee Lo Green’s “Fool For You,” as Cole raps about various things that can be a struggle—college debt, being placed on a pedestal by fans, chasing women—and how he’s not perfect. It’s his attempt at humbling himself and revealing that he’s still a human being despite the fame.

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Redhead – “Talk White” ft. Malik-16 & Bobby

I’ve been following Redhead for a while. He is, by all means, nerdy—not trendy nerdy (you know, like the folks who get off on wearing giant glasses and 90s clothing), not socially awkward nerdy—but just nerdy enough. He’s smart but not so smart where he doesn’t know how to talk to people, and it shows in his music. His lyrical content is always witty and tongue and cheek and “Talk White” is no different. The Howard University Grad/D.C. native recently signed a digital distribution deal with Fontana/Universal Records and enlisted the help of his label mate, Malik-16, and long time associate Bobby, to make fun of the concept of “Talking White.” The song has been picking up steam online (and landed the Fontana/Universal deal) and now there’s a newly released video component. Each rapper’s concept of talking white is different but for Redhead, the song came about partly because he always got teased for his high-pitched “Bob” sounding voice. In the video, they keep it simple and take to the streets of New York City to kick their verses over the guitar heavy, synth-laced beat. “Talk White” is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

Watch the video here.

Learn more about Redhead here.

The Floacist – “Soul”

The latest from The Floacist will appear on her forthcoming sophomore solo album, The Floacist Presents: Floetry Rebirth. Here, Natalie The Floacist shifts gears from her usual rap/spoken word and sings instead. The theme of the song is about not wanting to sell her soul and compromise her artistic integrity. Based on some of the lyrics, I’m going to assume that she still feels a way about her former groupmate, Marsha Ambrosius.

“Never saw my self without you friend, now you wanna go out on your own, well…where you wanna be, is not for me, you’ll have to go alone,” sings The Floacist on the mellow R&B laced track.

The song is catchy and the message is one we all can relate to. Any working person on this planet has been faced with decisions that make them wonder just how far they’re willing to go. The Floacist Presents: Floetry Rebirth is scheduled for release on October 2.

Listen here.       
John Legend and Teyana Taylor – “Bliss”

Teyana Taylor is featured on blogs so much for her clothing choices that I forget that she can actually sing. Like, really sing. I also forget that she is a member of Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music crew. However, this latest leak from Cruel Summer reminded me of Taylor’s potential. Here, she and John Legend sing about being lovers who find their bliss by traveling off to distant lands. The music is laced with chimes and whimsical chords that set the tone for the perfect romance. Something about it reminds me of Atlantic Starr, and I mean that in a good way. It’s a solid duet and definitely mp3 player worthy.

Listen here.

Angie Stone – “Backup Plan”

I almost gave Angie Stone the side eye here for borrowing rhetoric from Steve Harvey in a line where she sings, “Act like a woman, think like a man.” However, upon further investigation, I’m not mad at the message. She’s encouraging women to take control of their love lives and to stop giving their all to men who ain’t ish, hence having a back up plan. The lively groove is a two-step inducing anthem that samples Cheryl Lynn’s “To Be Real.” “Backup Plan” will be on Stone’s forthcoming album, Rich Girl, which drops on September 25.

Listen here.

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