Chris Brown is about that comeback kid life, Yasiin Bey and Mannie Fresh rep for BK and Nola, Papoose finally drops Nacirema Dream and more.

Chris Brown, “Fine China”

Chris Brown is back doing what he should be making headlines for: music. His latest is “Fine China,” the lead single from his forthcoming album, X. Brown channels Michael Jackson (circa Off the Wall). “We can take it slow, or act like you’re my girl/Let’s get the basics,” Brown sings, in an attempt to woo his ladyfriend to go with the flow and let him show her that he’s “not dangerous.” (MESSAGE!) The accompanying video gives us some Tron, but also more M.J. (of course), as Brown dances around various streets, warehouses and back alleyways in suspenders and a newsboy hat, his love interest and fellow dancers in tow.

Check both out here.

Azealia Banks, “No Problems”

“No Problems” makes perfect sense for Azealia Banks, especially considering that she gets into a lot of Twitter beef. The Harlem rebel rapstress released visuals for the electro/ravey track, which some say was meant to be a dis record aimed at Angel Haze. I can neither confirm nor deny that, but she’s definitely doing what rappers do best: firing verbal warning shots at the competition about who not to eff with. The visuals are a compilation of events in Banks’s travels on the road, from concerts and tours. Steve Aoki and Diplo also make a few cameos.

Check it out here.

Yasiin Bey and Mannie Fresh, “Black Jesus”

Mos Def Yasiin Bey and Mannie Fresh teamed up for what will soon be known as the Brooklyn/NOLA Project. Okay, no, I just made that up. But seriously, they’re planning to release a collaborative album tentatively titled OMFGODBKNOLA. They dropped “Black Jesus” on Easter Sunday to low-key remind us about this collaboration. And it’s definitely an appetite teaser, but it’s also a sign of the potential that could actually come from this project.

Listen here.

Papoose ft. Erykah Badu, “Cure”

Ladies and gentleman, the month of Neveruary has arrived. (Okay, sorry. I couldn’t resist.) The thing is, Papoose has been promising The Nacirema Dream for at least decade, so everyone was shocked that he actually released it. Yup, it’s out and getting good reviews thus far. But before you go there, check out “Cure,” an interesting track from the album where Papoose speaks from the perspective of some of the deadliest diseases on the planet (like cancer, HIV and AIDS). “I enter your body with only one assumed mission/ That’s only to break down your immune system,” raps Papoose in a cautionary tale designed to get people to be aware of, and take more control of, their health. “If you don’t go to the doctor that mean you support me/The only way to stop me is to catch me early,” he continues, on a quest to remind people (including the gangstas) that they are not immortal or immune to diseases, as Erykah Badu provides the hook. 

Check it out here.  

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