Raheem DeVaughn, “Bad” (Remix)

Always one for experimentation and surprises, Raheem DeVaughn has delivered a new musical gem. Radio Rah’s version of “Bad” is his take on Wale’s track of the same title. Whereas Wale is literally talking more about literal bad behavior from fly girls (in terms of game playing), Raheem DeVaughn is talking about bad behavior from fly girls in a more sexual sense.

It starts off with a brief spoken word interlude about how “bad” his desired love interest is, then he starts singing stuff like, “You’re so naughty by nature/ You’re so freaky on purpose orgasmically electric/Spontaneous perfection/Baby, you’re every man’s fantasy.”

So, yeah… it goes from there onto some NSFW ish. Squeaking bedsprings as instruments in the background are the perfect undertone to the beat—and so is Heemy’s signature high tenor. Raheem DeVaughn is gearing up for the release of his fourth album, A Place Called Loveland, coming soon.

Listen here.

Natalie Imani, “Titanium”

Songstress Natalie Imani continues the spirit of remixing with her take on DJ David Guetta’s “Titanium.” Her version strips the beat from the original and provides an emotional a cappella take that highlights her powerhouse mid-range voice. “Titanium” is an offering from Natalie Imani’s new mixtape, Fame or Love, which is full of covers. Natalie Imani, who’s been featured here before, has sung backup for the likes of Jazmine Sullivan, John Legend and more. But she’s gearing up to release her own music, so this is just a teaser for what’s to come.  

In the meantime, listen to and download “Titanium” here.

Wale, “Poor Decisions” (ft. Rick Ross and Lupe Fiasco)

Speaking of Wale, he has a new song for us too. Interestingly enough, he paired with Rick Ross and Lupe Fiasco, who obviously contrast in style—but that’s part of the beauty of the song. “Poor Decisions” is basically each MC’s musing on societal ills like deadbeat parents, not spending money properly and… you get the idea. The song is more of a lament on these conditions than it is a preachy anecdote.

Where Lupe Fiasco is concerned, it’s one of his lazier lyrical efforts (but not bad), maybe because he’s trying to match his counterparts. (That sounds terrible, but I promise there’s no shade.) “Poor Decisions” is the second of three singles that will all have been released by today from Mayback Music’s forthcoming compilation, Self Made Vol. 3 (due out on in full August 6). If you like a little more balance injected in your ratchet hip-hop soup, this song won’t waste your time.

Listen here.

Fat Tony, Smart Ass Black Boy

This is Fat Tony’s third album but it’s probably safe to say that his forthcoming album, Smart Ass Black Boy, is his first introduction to many on a wider basis. The Houston native is steadily gaining buzz on the independent hip-hop scene with his laid back flow and a sound that seems to combine his Texas roots with a more—dare I say it—conscious provocation. His flow is different from Texan predecessors like Scarface or Bun B in that while it’s laid back, the twang that people tend to expect isn’t there. Also, his subject matter seems to be more reflective and/or observational. On “Father’s Day,” he seems to be sending an olive branch to his own dad; “Hood Party,” which features Kool A.D. (Das Racist) and Detroit indie-spitter Despot, is Fat Tony's take on gentrification.

Smart Ass Black Boy is set for a June 11 release, but you can listen to the whole thing here.